Monday, July 26, 2010

I Heart Faces

I Heart Faces is a website that I love to follow and be inspired by the work that all types of photographers do. They have a weekly contest with a theme each week and I often think of entering, but I don't always have the right image to submit or I just get busy with my boys and forget, but today, I was editing Baby E's picture and instantly fell in love with this one... as I took a break to see what I Heart Faces was up to, I saw that this week's contest theme is PURPLE!!! I couldn't resist!

You can click on their button above to view lots of entries!

Wish me Luck and thank you baby E for giving me such a beautiful photo to submit!



Anonymous said...

Did you make this hat?

Jessica Jill photography said...

I did! I think it looks super cute on her, I love Pansy flowers.

Megumi said...

o my goodness! so cute!