Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This is what happens when your wife is a photographer...

So my hubby had made gentle reminders that he wants pictures for his office. Well, I've never actually been to his office so I didn't even know what it looked like. I asked him about space, what did he want etc. So, we finally sit down talk about what pictures I would have printed for him and really we could not agree! The last pictures I put thought into for them was the apple orchard. We both love the pictures, but I did cute little overalls and it made the session very whimsicle. He was looking for something more classic. Well, I had done picture for each other birthdays, but those showcased them individually and the pictures didn't exactly work as a collection I would want to show off... So now we are back to a full year ago when I took their pictures last fall! What babies they were a year ago. Levi was only 6 months, barely sitting on his own and Scott has changed so much... So, what do you do when you wife is a photographer? We ran out and coordinated 2 outfits together and headed off to a neighboring town (that has a cuter downtown area than mine...) and started shooting. This is the result. My hubby is now showing off two 23x23 inch Artsy Couture story boards of his own pride and joys. The quality of these are incredible and I'm so happy to have my pictures showing on them!

Here are a couple snaps of the story boards and my favorites from the boys impromptu fall photo shoot. (these pictures do not do them justice, they really are awesome)

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