Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ten on Ten

A fellow photographer and friend of mine did a Ten on Ten project last year... The idea is to take 10 pictures (one each hour) on the tenth day of the month. The point is to document day-to-day life.. Well, I would say that this month's day fell on a day that was not my typical day-to-day life... I wish everyday was this exciting... Oh, and I didn't do each hour... just 10 pictures describing what is going on in my life today.


Image 1: sneaking in a touch of editing while Scott is eating his breakfast

Image 2: "my morning commute" My boys are train fanatics and they both LOVE this one with their 2 passenger cars. I think it is because she is the same color as the train that takes daddy to work.

Image 3: Scott at his gymnastics class. It's great to see him so into something.

Image 4: Levi at Scott's gymnastics class. Thanks goodness our class time has another family with a little boy just a couple months older than him to play with. However, this was the last class of the session and we are having to switch days next week.

Image 5: ipad broke today.... this is devistating news to Levi. Mommy, however, is just baffled how in the span of 1 full month I managed to shatter TWO cell phones and now put a nice crack in the ipad...

Image 6: making myself presentable.... I had the babysitter booked for the afternoon and with my little vaca right around the corner, I needed some major pedicure repairs.

Image 7: Since I stay home, I don't open my make-up drawer daily... Today, after feeling refreshed from my pedi, I was excited to put on some make-up to go out with some friends. I'm very thankful for the reasons to put on make-up and go out, and I'm even more thankful or the friends who don't flinch when I don't wear my make-up to hang out with them.

Image 8: Taking "self-taught" to a new level. I'm not formally trained in photography. I've learned what works and what doesn't by trail and error, but I want to know how/why it worked and make myself better educated about this fascinating art... enter my study group. We are only on chapter 3 out of 18 and I already feel like I need "cliffs notes" Yes, there will be a test...

Image 9: Would you believe there was a celebrity sighting at my study group? Maybe not a celebrity in the movie world, but certainly in MY world. It was great that we spoke for 15 minutes (and I didn't manage to sound like too much of a groupie, at least I hope not). So, what do I do when I get home... friend request... fingers crossed that I get my "acceptance email"

Image 10: last but not least, heading off to bed and I see my little point and shoot lost in the mix of papers, newborn hats and other randomness... Oh, yeah, don't forget to charge my P&S... the hubbs and I are heading off for a small vaca this weekend. First time away from the babes... the nervousness hasn't hit me yet. I think the prospect of sleeping in past 6:30 is going to be the highlight of my trip. Either way, I want to enjoy myself and not have to worry about lugging around equipment, so it is just going to be me and little Point.

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