Tuesday, March 13, 2012

ten on Ten ~ March

Image 1: Scott "fishing" at Wesmere's school carnivalImage 2: After the carnival, we headed out for lunch with one of our BFF's Gracie! Both of them were excited to share the car ride together since both of them got to dump their little bothers and sisters!

Image 3: Gracie having a blast in the giant maze

Image 4: uh oh... Transformers Prime is Scott's new Fav... and now currently being featured in McDonald Happy Meals.... this spells trouble.

Image 5: Spring is coming... I can see it!

Image 6: Along with Spring... Babies! lots of newborns coming this spring. I just wrapped up 4 newborn boys in the last 2 weeks alone! Thought I better organize my newborn closet to be prepared.

Image 7: We have been talking to Levi about saying goodbye to his friend, Paci.. Well, for the past week we have been only allowing him to have this "cut" paci, every couple of days I would cut another sliver off until he really could no longer hold it in his mouth and therefore lose interest... Seems to have worked, we are 2 nights paci-free!

Image 8: One of the best parts of my hubby.. he is tall... and therefore, he is the official battery changer for all smoke detectors every day light savings change!

Image 9: Such a big boy... Spent the morning with Daddy while Mommy and Scott went to the carnival.

Image 10: enjoying the last of the warm day, decided to take the Cady for a walk... too bad the battery died (on the way home).. and daddy had to pull it back into the garage...

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